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Brook-Schwartz is an independant, strategic creative agency located in San Diego California.

We help you tell your story.

Your brand and company have a story to tell.
If you can make these stories engaging and authentic,
you will not only stand out from your competition
but gain passionate customers for life.


We can help you develop an understanding of your business,
clarifying your goals and objectives and communicating
this in the right way to the right audience.
We provide a strategy to grow your brand and
provide you with the right tools to incorporate 
your brand purpose, values, promises, positioning,
and identity into every aspect of your organization..


We brand by setting you apart with crystal clear messaging,
visuals, and architecture that is on target, sets you apart from
your competitors, and your company or product will never outgrow.
Has your company expanded into new product lines,
entered international markets or acquired or merged
with another biotech? Your brand needs to reflect these
important changes, and not be left behind. 



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